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Gas Balloons

Selling gas balloons | helium balloons at cheap prices

 Gas balloons or also known as helium balloons are one type of children's toys that are in great demand because of their unique shape with designs resembling cartoon characters. This helium balloon is produced from a thin, lightweight plastic material and is blown with helium gas to float. We sell quality helium balloons at competitive prices that can be used as business needs or just personal needs for children's toys.

We provide various characters including:

 - Upin Ipin's character

 - SpongesBob character

 - Spiderman aircraft characters

 - Tiger character

 - Jasmine character

 - Hello Kitty character

 - Doraemon character

 - Bird character

 - Baby Shark character

 - Geese character

 - Etc

The price of this gas balloon / helium is quite cheap so it is suitable to be used as children's toys. This product is also SNI standard so it is not dangerous for children.

We also provide various gas balloon toys and other inflatable balloons according to your needs.

Please contact us for detailed information.

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