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Unicorn Horse Toy

Selling Unicorn horse toys at cheap prices

Horses are one animal that is certainly familiar in Indonesia, including children. Lots of toys that are designed to resemble the shape of a horse to attract the attention and interests of children. There are also several types of horses, one of which is Unicorn. Unicorn horse is a myth that is still believed to exist. Kuca unicorns are rumored to have horns and have wings so they can fly.

We provide unicorn horse toys with guaranteed quality. This product is designed with colorful lights so it is attractive. Manufactured from high quality plastic material and which is certainly safe for children. This toy can be pumped with a manual popa or an electric pump, so that it resembles a blimp.
The use of unicorn horse toys can be used as decorations and ornaments for various events or as decorations at children's birthday parties.
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